Data Center

ServersOur servers dedicated, co-location and shared, are located mainly in the US. We use Adaptive Transit Technology and bandwidth comes in from multiple providers we have full IP Transit to the Internet. The US Network has 13GBPs(=83x155mbpsOC3s) bandwidth to the Internet. We also provide dedicated and co-location servers in our data center in India.

"Adaptive Transit provides an automated network management solution for optimizing Internet connectivity for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), businesses and other enterprises. It enable customers to deploy an Internet network architecture that optimizes Internet connectivity by intelligently routing both requests and responses to the optimal connection to the Internet. It makes these intelligent Internet routing decisions based on local Internet connection load and local and global real-time Internet conditions, automatically routing traffic away from poorly performing Internet connections. It also facilitate load-balancing based on bandwidth. Adaptive Transit's products and services are based on proprietary Adaptive Transit technology developed and acquired by Akamai, supported by real time monitoring services provided under an exclusive license arrangement with Akamai Technologies, Inc."

Our resellers as well as end-users are located across the globe. With automated systems we provide world-class service and unmatched uptime. Our in-house developed control panel and online Billing facilitate our Resellers and Customers ease of operation. With variety of cost-effective Hosting plans, we strive to match the customer expectations both on Unix and Windows platforms.

Our Core Competence
  • We are among the top providers of Internet Hosting Services with our Data Centers in the US and India.
  • An expert team of System Administrators, Programmers, Designers to handle your Complex Internet Programming Projects and Application Development and Server Administration.
  • Service to exceed your expectations and 24 x 7 support.
  • Delivering only the best !

US Data Center Features :

  • 24/7 on-site network monitoring
  • 13 GBPs of Bandwith - Speeds several times greater than OC-48
  • Class A facility - Generation 5 Network Operations Centre
  • Direct fiber optic connections
  • Redundant Backbones for 100% uptime
  • Cisco 12000 and Juniper M20 routers using BGP4 protocol
  • Gigabit Ethernet Internal Backbone
  • 24/7 On-Site Security Guards
  • Video camera surveillance
  • Security breach alarms
  • Motion sensors
  • State-of-the-art smoke detection
  • Fire suppression system
  • UPS power back-up, diesel back-up generator
  • Other companies in datacenter - Akamai , Globalknowledge , KPMG .
  • We already host parts of TerraLycos and Microsoft XPERTZONE .

 India Data Center Features :

  • 24/7 on-site network monitoring
  • E1 to VSNL Backbone
  • Fast Ethernet Internal Backbone
  • Backup Line for Main Line
  • 1 Point connection for local loop to VSNL
  • Cisco router
  • Security breach alarms
  • Motion sensors
  • State-of-the-art smoke detection
  • UPS power back-up
We offer a comprehensive array of managed security services, which will not only improve the performance and reliability of your servers, but also ensure that your valuable and confidential data is secure. We take the security of your servers seriously, and to that end offer a number of solutions that offer 24x7 peace of mind.

We reduce your exposure to potential problems through several levels of security. Each of these levels is used to not only reduce the possibility of a violation of your systems, but also to reduce the problems that may arise from such a violation.No systems are inviolable. No matter what protections are in place, there is no such thing as "bullet proof" systems. However, when proper precautions are taken, the liklihood of any violation can be minimalized and the cost of such a violation can be reduced.

Our first level of security is physical. Our systems are located in a Level V facility in Philadelphia,India. These systems are designed to withstand major environmental difficulties and are proof against minor physical incursions. Biometric scanners and card readers are used to verify entrants and surveillance is 24/7.

Our second level is network protection. This includes our firewalls and other systems designed to reduce the possibility of penetration. We will not go into details here, for security reasons, but we follow industry standards, subscribe to appropriate notification systems of new patches and religiously update our systems.

The third level is redundancy. Our systems are in a facility that has power to last over two weeks if isolated from the power grid. Multiple OC-3, T-3 and other speed connections take your traffic to the net. The routing is such that should a connection go down, the others will announce your IPs.

The fourth level is early detection. We have automated systems in place to detect network inconsistencies and to alert us to potential sources of trouble. In addition, our staff constantly monitors our networks and systems to identify any potential difficulties. Should automated systems fail to detect a problem, our staff notices inconsistencies on their own.

The fifth level is backup. This level is conducted with your cooperation. Simply put, mission critical data is backed up on a regular basis and stored. We prefer that our clients keep a copy for safe-keeping. Should all else fail, this should allow restoration with a minimum of fuss. It should be noted that requiring this data is an extreme rarity. Having it there is valuable insurance, though.