Uploading Thru Cute FTP

Uploading files to server using CuteFTP 4.0.

Click to Download CuteFTP

CuteFTP is a shareware program that you can only use for 30 days before paying a small fee. 

To get maximum benefit out of this tutorial please open Cute FTP now so that you can go through this tutorial step by step.

How to connect to your Homepage Account

When you open the program you may be presented with a notice box. Just click Close to continue with opening Cute FTP 4.

When you first open the program you will see the File Manager window. The first thing to do is to open the Site Manager window by clicking on Site Manager button.

You should now see the site manager window. Fill in the details:
Click on New and add the details below.
1 Clcik on New... to add new site.
2 Label for site = YOURDOMAIN.COM
3 Ftp Host Address = www.yourdoman.com  
Ftp site User name = Your Login Name
5 Ftp site Password = Your Login Password
Please check that the "FTP site connection port" is set to 21 and "normal" is selected.
7 Click on Connect to server.

When cute FTP has connected you will see a box like the one below, just click OK.

You should now be back in the File Manager. On the Left is your own Hard Drive, on the right is your Homepage Account. You are now connected to your homepage account and ready to upload files to your Homepage Account.

8 Files and directories on your computer.
Files and directories on server.
10 Double click on httpdocs and upload your files to server.

Note: Your "Home Page" or "Welcome Page" should be index.html, index.htm, index.php, index.asp(Win2000),default.asp(Win2000).

How to add a file to your webspace?

To add a file to your Homepage Account, all you have to do is to click on the file that you want and click on the Upload Button  

Tip: To select more than one file hold down the Ctrl key and click on the files that you want to select.

How to add a new directory to your Homepage Account?

To add a new directory to your Homepage Account simply click on Your Homepage Account, press the Make new directory button, Type in your new directory name and click OK.

As soon as you move the file to the server, it is viewable online in a browser. Because browsers cache files, you may need to hold the shift key and click reload or refresh in order to see the latest version.